Having a Lake Home in the Winter

19 September, 2013 (21:02) | Relocation | By: Keith and Mary Williams

When most people think about having a lake home, thoughts of lazy summer days spent jet skiing, swimming, and cooling off in the water that surrounds their property is what generally comes to mind. Having a lake home offers all these warm weather benefits. There are also winter benefits to owning a lake home, especially with Lake Harding real estate in Columbus, Georgia. Consider these advantages to calling the lake side your home in the winter months:

Winter fishing is bountiful

Bass fishing is a great benefit of considering lake homes. Lake Harding is often listed as one of the best places for freshwater bass fishing, especially in the winter months. The temperate climate ensures that bass are plentiful and respond to the lure of fishermen and fisherwomen who long for the sport and nourishment provided by the bass that live in the lake. Patient fishers will find these fish in the harder to get to spots, easier to fish when there are no water sports going on in the cooler months. Crappie are also abundant, all year round.

Temperate climate

If the harsh northern winters are getting you down and you want to live out of doors during the winter, Lake Harding homes can give you exactly what you need. With an average winter temperature in the 40s, a winter lake home can also provide respite from the pseudo winters often found in deep southern locales. If you still long for a little snow during winter, you just may get some in the northern parts of Lake Harding.

Slower pace

The pace of living at a lake house is slower than in other communities. The expanse of water provides the one of the best therapies nature provides, with calming water surrounded by foliage. Winter activities at Lake Harding tend to be low key, not without excitement, but without the hustle and bustle of city living. Many residents are in full time residence, so the community has more of a lived in feel rather than a touristy atmosphere.

Tax breaks

The mortgage interest paid on your lake home can come in handy when it comes time to fund your vacations and other expenses. The IRS allows homeowners to receive tax breaks based on the mortgage interest paid. If you own your home and vacation home, you’re able to take advantage of this money saving situation.

Fewer people

Although many of the residents in lake communities call the property home all year round, there are a number of residents who only come during the warmer months. The busy activity of water sports and play wind down into idyllic days with slow moving boats on the water, quietly seeking fish or solitude. When the activity of summer slows, the winter brings fewer crowds and more time to contemplate. There is also more privacy with fewer people on the lake surrounding the homes.

More family time

Having a lake home in the winter can give you somewhere relaxing and different to entertain your family and loved ones. Most of the memorable moments you spend with those you care about will be in your homes, and a lake home can help to create more memories. Many people find entertaining in a home overlooking a beautiful body of water fulfilling.

If you are considering lake homes in Columbus, GA, contact Keith & Mary Williams to help you find the perfect lake home for you. We live in Lake Harding and we love our community. We know you will love it, too, if you come out and let us give you a tour.

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