What you need to know before purchasing a lakefront home

10 May, 2013 (15:21) | Relocation | By: Keith and Mary Williams

Purchasing a waterfront property is a tantalizing dream for many people and it is a sizeable investment for most people to make. If due caution is not exercised before purchasing that dream home of yours in a fairytale waterfront setting, you could end up burning a huge hole in your finances. So if you are about to make a move on that attractive Lake Harding real estate deal along the Chattahoochee river in Alabama or Georgia, just keep few things in mind:

  • Never go by hearsay alone. Make a thorough inspection of the Lake Harding home in question. Find if it is part of any flood zones. Also ensure that it is not part of any state regulated/protected areas.
  • Ascertain the status and availability of utilities like power, water and gas. Waterfront properties are not renowned to be the most well connected when it comes to these things, their primary purpose being that of idyllic country retreats more often than not.
  • Take a look around the community. Most waterfront real estate, including those in the Lake Harding area is spread out across extensive areas which are shared by multiple properties. Make sure to get a feel of how your neighbors are before making a final decision. You don’t want an over-inquisitive and intrusive community to spoil your private retreat.
  • Understand your core needs for choosing waterfront property. Is it for year-round stay, or as a holiday retreat? What are your preferred recreational activities? For example, Lake Harding real estate is ideally suited for fishing and boating enthusiasts alike, with its depth and sheer size.

The best idea is to take a look at multiple real estate deals and properties before making your decision on the lakefront home of your choice.  

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