Sharpie Party

21 September, 2012 (15:06) | Relocation | By: Keith and Mary Williams

Sharpie Parties are the newest rage sweeping across the county.  Party revelers are using Facebook and Twitter to attack foreclosed homes with their weapon of choice: magic markers.

Invitations are sent out via social media and the guests receive Sharpie pens on arrival.  The parties are usually fueled by alcohol and loud music.  The party goers collectively go on a destructive binge and draw graffiti on the walls, rip up floors, punch holes through walls, and flood bathrooms.

Sharpie parties are sprouting up in towns across America due to the housing crisis of the last decade. At least six parties have been reported in the Alabama and Georgia areas in the past year.

According to experts, Sharpie parties are a growing fad among young people.  “They throw a big party, everyone gets a Sharpie and is invited to write on the walls and spray paint.”

Many speculate the phenomenon began with the movie “Project X” which told the story of a house party made possible by online invitations.  Reports show that many copycat parties have sprung up throughout the area.

The destruction parties are lethal on these already abandoned homes.  Foreclosed properties struggle to find takers as it is.  If damaged badly, their chances of ever finding occupants becomes even slighter.

Keith & Mary Real Estate have been in the real estate business in the Columbus, Ga., and Alabama areas for more than a decade and both hope the trend doesn’t start here.  A blighted home is a cure for a neighborhood and a street, and can ruin the “curb appeal” of other houses nearby.

Contact Keith & Mary today if you are trying to sell a home near houses such as these, and they will help you with all your needs.

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